Neten Dorji | Trashigang

The inspection team in Trashigang slapped a fine of Nu 4,000 on pet owners for letting their pet dogs loose in public places on December 14.

The team sensitised the public on Livestock Rules and Regulations 2022.

Deputy Chief Dzongkhag Livestock Officer(DCDLO), Naina S Tamang, said that the team intends to encourage pet ownership, especially in the town.

“If pet owners fail to abide by the regulations, offenders will be dealt with and fined according,” Naina S Tamang said.

The fine amounts range between Nu 100 to Nu 5,000.

According to livestock officials, the treatment of the injured person or animal will be the responsibility of the owner of the pet.

He said that the origins of stray dogs are from pet dogs that are let loose.

Officials advised the residents that rules and regulations prohibit feeding dogs in public places.

Tshechimo, a pet owner, said the policy would help reduce dangers caused by pets and stray dogs.

“I have kept cats and a dog for many years. I have always paid attention to their health,” said the 45-year-old.

Another pet owner, Rinchen Seldon, said that recently her cat was killed by a pet dog. “I hope the implementation of the policy will reduce the number of stray dogs as well as reduce the dog bite cases in the town.”

There are 1,180 pet owners in Trashigang.

The dzongkhag administration has notified all the pet owners that similar inspection exercises in other towns, dungkhags and 15 gewogs periodically by respective local leaders.