Lhakpa Quendren 

Regarding the case of answer scripts disappearance of Trashitse HSS in Wamrong, Trashigang, Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) say that the education ministry should conduct their part of the investigation.

“They can do so many things to add to the investigation by the police and could support the police,” said the police official and added that the education ministry knows all the security protocols and who is responsible and liable for the lapses.

The police say that the case is complicated and needs the support of the education ministry.

According to the police, answer scripts were not directly delivered from Trashitse to the evaluation camp in Gelephu. “It is going to be difficult. We don’t know from where the paper went missing.”

How did this happen?

“After the exams, the answer scripts were kept in the school for a few days, followed by a night each at Pemagatshel and then in Samdrupjongkhar. The case of the missing scripts came to the notice only a few days after the boxes arrived in Gelephu,” he said.

The official says that all the responsible people at those locations were called, investigated, interrogated and statements were recorded. “We cannot say when it would be completed. There are cases which take longer time and remain unresolved.”

“As soon as the case was reported to the police, we passed the instruction to the divisions in Trashigang and Gelephu to find out the truth and fix accountability. We should tighten those people,” he added.

Police officials say that the head and the groups of the Trashitse, Gelephu, and Bhutan Post should be held accountable.

An official from Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment (BCSEA) said that it was a criminal case and completely handed over to the police.