Neten Dorji | Trashigang

As the nation gears up for mass vaccination, the two eastern dzongkhag of Trashigang and Trashiyangtse have received about 39,170 doses of AstraZeneca.  The vaccine has been distributed to all the centres in the dzongkhags.

Health officials, clusters doctors, and security personnel are deployed in all the centres.

Trashigang dzongkhag has about 90 vaccination centres with 108 officials and 13 clusters doctors.

A highlander, Phurpa Dorji, said that most of the highlanders registered for the vaccine. “As the vaccine is a gift from His Majesty The King and the government, we’re excited to take the vaccine,” he said.

A villager, Sonam Dorji from Jangphutse, said that most of the villagers had registered for vaccination.  “I’m convinced that the vaccine is safe. If one villager doesn’t take the vaccine, then there would be problems.”

He said that Jangphutse village, being near to the international border, people gave more importance to the vaccine.

Zangpo, 84, said that getting the jab was important to protect the whole nation from coronavirus. “I’ll take the vaccine and urge my family members and friends to take it too.”

Sonam Dorji from Jangphutse said that taking the vaccine was important. “Everybody should take it.”

According to health officials of Trashigang, about 29,511 people in the dzongkhag had registered for the vaccine as of yesterday evening.

Dzongkhag health officer (DHO), Gang Dorji, said that the dzongkhag had 15 vehicles for emergency use. “A 30-year-old woman will take the first jab here too,” he said.

Trashiyangtse dzongkhag has 62 vaccination places with 51 officials, 45 vaccinators and more than 62 security personnel.

Dzongkhag health officer, Tshewang Sithar, said the dzongkhag has eight cluster doctors and vehicles ready for emergency purposes.

The dzongkhag also deployed two additional vehicles at Trashiyangtse town and Khamdang gewog for emergency purposes.

Health officials said about 11,100 people in the dzongkhag had registered for the vaccine as yesterday evening.