Neten Dorji | Trashiyangtse

Trashiyangtse dzongkhag residents are mandated to construct only two storey traditional houses but many people are constructing buildings without permission, the dzongkhag regulatory officer, Yoenten Jamtsho, said.

“There’s a need for a dzongkhag tshogdu decision to make the dzongkhag an exemplary town with traditional architecture,” he said during the ninth DT session held on March 16.

Yoenten Jamtsho said an increasing number of houses with different designs would deteriorate traditional structures in future. “Trashiyangtse town is considered as a model town for its architecture of two-storey buildings constructed with local materials.”

Senior dzongrab, Lam Dorji, also said that Trashiyangtse was considered an exemplary model town for its architecture of two-storey buildings. “If local leaders only allow construction of traditional two-storey houses, there’s an opportunity to attract tourists to the dzongkhag in future.”

He said local leaders, who give permission to construct houses, should be held accountable.

DT chairperson, Chosung Wangdi, reminded the DT members there was a command to keep Bumthang and Trashiyangtse as an example for traditional architecture. “We were told that tourists would visit the two dzongkhags to see the architecture one day as other dzongkhags have modern architecture.”

He said that Trashiyangtse should preserve and promote its image as an exemplary town.

Yoenten Jamtsho said most of the different storey houses are in gewogs. “Even the house colours are inappropriate. The colour of the house should be white, mud colour, cream colour and expose masonry with its natural colour.”

He said that gewog administration should be responsible to monitor constructions in the gewog.

The regulatory officer also reported constructions within roads right of way.

He said that rules does not allow construction within 50ft from the highway as right way for national highways from the centreline of a road. “Any structures aren’t allowed within the 30ft from the gewog centre road and 20ft from the centreline of the farm road.”

Meanwhile, the dzongkhag tshogdu decided that dzongkhag officials and local leaders would monitor the constructions.