A total of 223 polling and presiding officers reached their destinations yesterday to prepare for the poll day in Trashiyangtse.

A team for Dukti in Yalang gewog and Jangphutse in Toedtso gewog was the first to leave for their destinations as they had to walk for hours from the road points.

Seventy-eight Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) and 36 Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) personnel were dispatched to the 38 polling stations in the eight gewogs for security.

Election officials on duty said RBA personnel would be deployed to the stations that are near the boarder areas.

Before the teams dispersed from the counting centre, election officials reminded the presiding officers and the teachers to check their belongings for the poll day.

The dzongkhag election office had dispatched 1,525 postal ballots.

An official said one postal ballot got rejected when they opened the envelope ‘A’ as it was addressed to Mongar.

Of the 1,443 voters who had registered to vote through two facilitation booths, only 1,111 turned out to vote.

At Yangtse Lower Secondary School, of the 989 registered voters, 772 turned up to vote. In Tsenkharla Central School, 339 of the 454 registered voters turned up to vote.

Trashiyangtse has a total of 18,355 eligible voters.

Tashi Tenzin |  Trashiyangtse