Neten Dorji | Trashigang

The five National Council (NC) candidates of Trashiyangtse pledged to amend existing laws and draft new one to address problems and challenges faced by Trashiyangtse and the country at large.

Incumbent Karma Gyseltshen said that he would initiate the drafting of the new civil liability law and amendment of the Mines and Minerals Act 1999 which is still in the parliament.

He said that as per the article 32 of the Constitution, there is a need for Impeachment Procedure Law. “I would also amend the Forest Act of Bhutan 1995 which is currently implemented as the Forest and Nature Conservation Bill of Bhutan 2021.”

He also pledged to call the attention of ministers to any matter of urgent public importance and question the government about any action, policy, or personal conduct.

Karma Gyeltshen was nominated from Yangtse Throm.

Former general manager of Bhutan Industrial Gas, Sonam Tenzin, pledged that as a member of parliament responsible to review the legislation and policies, he would strive to review legislations for the benefit of people.

“I will help address the loopholes in the laws and make sure that the laws are applied equally,” said Sonam Tenzin. “I will review the laws, remind the government, and draft new laws by consulting people.”

Sonam Tenzin was nominated from Khamdang Gewog.

Sonam Tshering from Gangkhar said that he would focus on reviewing the criminal justice system in the country, Right to Iinformation Act, Civil Liability Act and streamlining agriculture policies to address the problem faced by people.

He pledged to provide roads to people who live near the borders of Trashiyangtse. “I will also focus on the development of tourism in the dzongkhag and review Royal Bhutan Police Act, Civil and Criminal Procedure Code of Bhutan, and Prison Act of Bhutan to ensure justice to people.”

Sonam Tshering, who was nominated from Yangtse Gewog, is a former police officer.

Ngawang Tashi from Tongmijangsa Gewog promised to focus on safeguarding the security of the country and fulfilling the vision of His Majesty The King.

“I would push for timely completion of planned activities,” said Ngawang Tashi. “I will be the bridge between the government and the people.”

Ngawang Tashi worked as a gewog administration officer and was a businessman.

Kiba Wangchuk from Jamkhar Gewog said that he would review and develop the policies to support the development of basic amenities like farm road, irrigation canal, transformer and electric fencing, among others. “I would also focus on a new strategy for the distribution of budget to executive planned activities.”

An engineer by training and profession, Kiba Wangchuk said, “As I worked about two decades in three dzongkhags, I will prioritise the development of standard bidding document and amend rules and regulations for infrastructure development.”