Neten Dorji  | Trashiyangtse

Jigdrel Dorji, 13, of Melongkhar Primary School in Trashiyangtse, would have dropped out a long time ago were it not for Bhutan Swallowtail. Bhutan Swallowtail is travel agent.

Jigdrel Dorji one of the 11 scholarship students sponsored by the Bhutan Swallowtail travel agency.  The boy is in sixth standard today.  The travel agent provides the sponsored students with school uniform, shoes, stocking and stationery. The students also get a yearly stipend of Nu 4500 to Nu 6000.

“I am grateful to the Bhutan Swallowtail travel agent. It would have been difficult for my mother to support with education for three of us,” said Jigdrel Dorji.

His father died when he was in Class II.

Jigdrel Dorji’s mother, Dechen Zangmo, is a villager and depends on farmland. She said that she had to borrow the money from her neighbours, especially at the beginning of the academic year. “I am thankful to the travel agent for supporting the education of my children.”

Tandin Dorji studies in Class IV. His mother finds it difficult to provide for his education. Chungku, Tandin Dorji’s mother, said: “What I earn is not enough for my child’s education.”

Pempa Lham, a teacher, said some parents had even decided to withdraw take their children out of the school. “The students are able to concentrate on their studies and perform well academically.”

The travel agent started giving education scholarship programme in 2016 after the school’s teacher had posted on Facebook:  “My students wearing the same old shoe for so many years”.

The proprietor of Bhutan Swallowtail, Tashi Wangmo, then decided to help the children in her small ways.

“Our aim is to support them with education If they disqualify from class ten, we will make sure they get a decent job,” said Tashi Wangmo.  “But we want to enable them to continue their education and succeed in life.”