Former Nubi gewog mangmi Pema Lhamo is the new Nubi gup

Nim Dorji  | Trongsa

Nubi gewog in Trongsa had a gup candidate each from its five chiwogs, a mixture of graduates, former monks and a former gewog mangmi, who is the lone woman candidate.

Pema Lhamo, 48, from Jongthang village, a mother of four was the gup elect, according to the provisional results dzongkhag electoral office declared yesterday. She secured 761 votes.

Except for the in-country postal ballot, she got the highest votes in the electronic voting machine (EVM), paper ballot facilitation booth, overseas postal ballot and mobile voting booth postal ballot.

Of the other four candidates, Sonam Penjor from Bemji-Chela chiwog secured 578 votes, Sonam Rinchen of Bji secured 298 votes, Zhungchuk from Daba secured 270 votes and Sangay Yonten from Yueling secured 62 votes.

Pema Lhamo said that she was surprised with the result. “It was unexpected as I was contesting with four candidates who are experienced and qualified.”

She said that people supported and voted for her five years of service as mangmi. “I will work hard to make other women come forward in the future.”

Except for Korphu gewog, where the election will be conducted on January 6, all the gewogs elected new gups.

In Tangsibji gewog, Pema Namgyel from Tshangkha lost to Jigme Namgyel Tangbi with 269 votes. Jigme Namgyal Tangbi secured 672 votes and Pema Namgyel got 403 votes.

Pema Namgyel was a contractor and Jigme Namgyel Tangbi was a former gup.

The former Langthel gup Sonam Dendup could not make it through. There were four candidates contesting for the post of Langthel gup.

Rinzin Wangchuk, who secured 579 votes, is the new gup. Former gup Sonam Dhendup secured 491 votes. The other candidates, Gempo Dorji secured 444 votes and Pema Tashi got 278 votes.

In Drakteng gewog, people supported a graduate as gup. A university graduate, Dubala, secured 757 votes.

The other candidates, Jigme Dorji, secured 451 votes and Sangay Dorji secured 457 votes.

All the former mangmis of Drakteng, Tangsibji and Langthel were re-elected.

The former Drakteng mangmi Karma Dorji secured 714 votes.

The other candidates, Nima Kuenzang secured 318 votes, Pema Wangmo got 289 and Tashi Tenzin secured 433 votes.

Langthel mangmi Tshering secured 740 votes. The other candidates, Nima secured 470 votes and Ugyen Nima got 578 votes.

In Tangsibji gewog, the former mangmi Sithar Wangchuk was the lone candidate for the post of Tangsibji mangmi. He secured 989 ‘yes’ and 86 ‘no’ votes.

In Korphu gewog, Thinley Dorji was elected as mangmi. He secured 335 votes against his opponent Tashi Chogyel who secured 193 votes and Tashi Penjor got 278 votes.

In Nubi gewog, Kelzang Jurmey won by 308 votes against Karma Choden. He secured 1,131 votes and Karma Choden secured 831 votes.

Meanwhile, Gembo Drukpa will be the new thromde ngotshab of Trongsa. He secured 139 votes. The other candidate, Nima Tshering secured 114 votes.