Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Calm has returned to Trongsa after the patient, suspected of COVID-19 was discharged on March 8 and put under home quarantine.

The patient, a 23-year old, was kept under observation after he returned from Bahrain, a COVID-19 affected country, and visited the hospital with cough and mild fever.

Meanwhile, the dzongkhag is preparing to contain the disease should it get another scare.

Trongsa dzongdag, Tenzin Dorji, said that a flu clinic, isolation ward and quarantine centres were identified. Transportation arrangements, he said, were also planned in case of emergencies.

Dzongkhag officials have also discussed with hoteliers to ensure food supply if the dzongkhag have to quarantine suspects.

People with travel history to affected countries will be provided guesthouses and hotels have been booked, as a backup, if they have to be put under home quarantine.

A refresher course was also conducted for the health workers and local leaders were instructed to create awareness to the public.

“We constantly keep in touch with the gups about the situation in the respective gewogs,” the dzongdag said.

As washing hand with soap and clean water is identified as the best preventive measure, the municipal was asked to maintain 24-hour water supply in and around the town area.

Financial institutions, offices, schools, college, hotels, shops and any area where people gather were asked to provide access to hand sanitisers.