As of yesterday, the two constituencies of Trongsa received a total of 2,658 postal ballots, of which 778 were conventional postal ballots and 1,880 were facilitation ballots.

Constituency-wise, Draagteng- Langthel received more postal ballots than Nubi-Tangsibji.

The office of the Returning Officer in Draagteng- Langthel constituency received 1,361 postal ballots, of which 956 were from facilitation ballots and 405 from conventional postal ballots.

Nubi-Tangsibji constituency received 1,297 postal ballots, 924 from facilitation ballots and 373 from conventional postal ballots.

The Returning Officer said the election commission has sent 420 conventional postal ballots to Draagteng- Langthel and 410 to Nubi-Tangsibji constituency.

Polling officials said the postal ballots would be sorted today in the presence of the candidates or their representatives.

There are 5,877 voters in Draagteng- Langthel and 4,373 in Nubi-Tangsibji. The numbers include EVM voters, conventional postal voters, and those who registered for the postal ballot facility booths.

There are 22 polling booths in the two constituencies with 44 EVMs including backup.

Nubi-Tangsibji’s returning officer Kuenzang Tobgay said the last day of receiving the postal ballots is tomorrow.

According to the election officials, about 195 polling officials, excluding security personnel, will be deployed to the respective polling stations today.

Ugyen Dorji   | Trongsa