With few days left for the general elections, people of Trongsa are yet to decide on whom to vote for.

Most voters say that both the political parties’ pledges are good for the country and people and their responsibility is to select a capable candidate.

Voters said the supporters of PDP and BKP are divided with some supporting Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and others supporting Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT).

DPT’s dzongkhag coordinator Tshering Choden said they are unable to predict the upcoming election’s outcome.

She said when they go around, people say they have full support to the party but they are unable to tell how real the support is. “In the primary round, the result was just the opposite. We hope this time the result will be good,” she said.

Recently when they visited Draagteng, she said the people there said they would support DNT. “But when we said we are from DPT, then people started saying that they will divide and vote for DPT also. So we can’t say who will win.”

DNT’s dzongkhag coordinator, Jigme Namgyel Tangbi, said the party is confident to win from both the constituencies.  “Unless voters change their mind two days before the poll day, DNT will win.”

He said they are confident because DNT’s pledges can benefit humble people.

“People understood the pledge of removing the class 10 cut-off point, health, maternity allowance,” Jigme Namgyel Tangbi said.

A resident, Thuepa, from Nubi said both candidates of Nubi-Tansibji constituency are equally strong.

“Whoever wins the election, there won’t be much difference in votes,” Thuepa said.

Farm road, irrigation and drinking water are the main concerns for the people of Trongsa and both parties have pledged to address these issues.

Sonam Dema, 41, from Draateng gewog said that both parties are pledging to do many things but the people do not yet know how they would fulfil their pledge in five years.

She said that in the primary round, she voted for one of the losing parties but this time she decided to vote for a party, which has the capacity to serve the country and the people.

Meanwhile, as part of poll day preparation, the returning officer is conducting a two-day refresher course for all polling officials would be deployed to the respective polling stations tomorrow.

Ugyen Dorjil | Trongsa