Nim Dorji | Trongsa

While the National Food Security Reserve (NFSR) and Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCBL) stocked all basic necessities in Trongsa, the town is running short of the most important spice or vegetable.

Vendors and grocery shop owners are running out of chilli, both fresh and dried. 

Trongsa residents say green chillies were out of stock since last week and vendors said they couldn’t get it from anywhere. Only one vendor in the vegetable market had dried red chilli stock yesterday is out of stock.

The vendor said trade officials told them not to sell in bulk, as there is a shortage of chilli in the market, but the dried chili is out of stock and looking for alternative.

Three vendors in the vegetable market have closed their stalls after running out of vegetables. 

Locals who come to sell the products claim that when they bring huge quantity of dried chillies, people do not buy and accuse them of charging high prices.

While residents complained of vegetable price increase, a vendor, who didn’t want to be named, said they have to change three vehicles to bring vegetables from border areas to Trongsa. “We also have to pay Nu 2,000 to the police personnel there.”

Officials from the regional trade office in Trongsa said that they didn’t receive any formal complaint on the price inflation but they regulate and monitor. “People are informed not to escalate prices of commodities and if they do so they will be charged as per the Consumer Act of Bhutan,” an official said.

Meanwhile, as per NSFR, each dzongkhag should reserve stocks that could last for three months.

FCBL in Trongsa dzongkhag stocked 151.35 metric tonnes (MT) of rice, 24.18 MT of edible oil and 9.85MT of pulses.

Bumthang FCBL depot has also reserved 94.94MT of rice, 13.95MT of edible oil and 7.5MT of pulses at Gangrithang Primary School.