More than 5,000 people visited the Royal Heritage Museum in Trongsa Ta Dzong this year.

Officials say the number of visitors is increasing every year. Last year, more than 7000 people visited the Ta dzong.

The curator, Sangay Tashi, said most visitors are tourists followed by locals.

With the increasing number of visitors every year, there is a plan to construct an additional gallery in the 12th Plan.  The construction of a temporary office has already begun.

Sangay Tashi said the number is, however, less compared to other museums. “Only tourists en-route to Bumthang and Phobjikha visit the museum.”

Lack of hotels catering to tourists in Trongsa and domestic airports in Bumthang and Yonphula are attributed for Trongsa not receiving many tourists.

Sangay Tashi said that most of the new tour companies are not aware of the museum and only renowned agents include the museum visit in the itinerary.

Museum officials say they are working with Tourism Council of Bhutan to include the museum in the package while marketing.

The management said they also post about the museum on social media pages like Facebook and websites to create more awareness. They have plans to create trekking routes inside the museum since it has an area of more than 18 acres.

The museum was established in 2008. International tourists are charged Nu 200, regional tourists Nu 100 and local visitors Nu 50 and students Nu 10. Students visiting the museum for educational purpose need not pay any fees.

Nim Dorji | Trongsa