Nim Dorji | Trongsa

The traditional cantilever bridge over Mangdechhu on the old route between Viewpoint and Trongsa dzong will be renovated soon, according to dzongkhag officials.

This would provide opportunity for enthusiastic trekkers and people to walk through the old trail. The route was cleared and revived during the health walk the dzongkhag organised recently.

Trongsa dzongdag, Tenzin Dorji, said since the route is significant, it will be revived to preserve the cultural heritage. “It is also to promote tourism in the dzongkhag.”

The old route is considered a significant route in the country, as it was the gateway to western, eastern and southern Bhutan before the construction of the east-west highway.

Officials said the dense forest has a huge variety of  flora and fauna.

It was learnt that the swollen Mangdechhu washed away the bridge once. It was reconstructed. As of now, most planks of the roof are damaged and there are cracks on the foundation.

The dzongkhag has included the renovation of the bridge in the tourism development programme along with the revival of other trails for tourists.

Tenzin Dorji said the traditional bridge will be constructed without any architectural design but some concreting will be done on the base and roofed with CGI sheet and shingles.

The reconstruction of the cantilever bridge is estimated to cost around Nu 4.6 million. Dzongkhag officials said they are planning to construct railings at steep and unsafe areas.

The renovation of the bridge is included in 2019-2020 financial year and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.