A 42-year-old truck driver and a 31-year-old passenger were injured when the truck went off the road along the Haa-Samtse highway on November 11.

The truck, loaded with cement went off 25-30mts below the road in Khamina, which is 6kms away from Haa town towards Jyenkana.

The owner of the truck, Karma, said he tried calling the truck driver when he reached Gedu and found the driver’s phone switched off and tried calling upon reaching Chukha too.

He reported the matter to the police and found out that the truck crossed Chukha on November 9.

Karma said the accident occurred around 2:30-3:00pm. “The truck went off the road at a turning point because of heavy load.”

Haa district hospital’s doctor, Sonam, said the driver suffered bruises on the pelvic region (right pelvis) and the passenger had left hip dislocation and sustained injuries on the left side of the head.

He said both the patients were initially admitted in Haa district hospital and later referred to the national referral hospital for further consultation and checkup.

The doctor said the two injured men were brought to the hospital by the Gakiling gup.

It is reported that the driver has recovered and the passenger is still recovering.

Sonam Choden