Thinley Namgay

Tshering Dang Jigs clinched the 2024 Silver Jubilee National Archery Tournament championship by winning the deciding set 25-17 against Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa. The final, which lasted two and a half days, concluded yesterday at the Changlimithang archery range in Thimphu.

It took only four rounds yesterday for Tshering Dang Jigs to secure a win. By the end of the second day on June 23, they had taken a commanding lead with 18-11 points.

Both teams participated in the tournament for the first time. They each fielded a blend of experienced and young players.

The team captains from both sides praised each other for orchestrating a competitive final, a rarity at the Changlimithang archery range lasting more than two days.

Karma, captain of Tshering Dang Jigs, said the opponent was equally competent. “However, I am glad that my team won the tournament despite most of the players being new.”

He mentioned that the team plans to participate in future competitions. Karma noted that if some of his players do not fall into the seeded category, the team composition would remain unchanged for all upcoming tournaments.

Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa’s captain, Karma Tshering, said that despite hitting 35 team kareys in four rounds, the team couldn’t outperform the opponents. Most of his players were from Punakha.

The team has been participating in the tournament mostly in Punakha and Wangdue.

“It feels good to play in Thimphu,” Karma Tshering said.

On June 22, Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa won the first set 25-6, and the opponent won the second set 25-4 on June 23.

The winning team was awarded Nu 180,000 with a trophy. The runners-up received Nu 150,000 and a trophy.