Review: Revolving around the existence or the non-existence of black magic practitioners in the country and the intermediate state after death known as bardo, a romantic horror movie returns to the silver screen.

Directed by Karma Lhatrul Dorji Rinpoche, Tshorwa – The Inner Call is not meant for the faint-hearted.

Karma Samdrup is a researcher based in Thimphu and he is happily married to Passang Om. Their love is nothing less than a fairy tale but as fate would have it, Karma’s past starts disrupting their present happiness.

Their marriage starts falling apart when several paranormal activities start affecting Passang Om. She starts to feel the unknown presence of a person. The mystery of this person starts to unravel in a horrific and terrifying ways as the story unfolds.

With not too many songs, concise dialogues and commendable acting especially by Kezang Yuden, Tshorwa – The Inner Call is a must-see movie this winter. The director and editor have used the flashback technique, which goes well with the movie and helps understand the story better.

Although the film is short (about 1 hour and 30 minutes) compared to other commercial movies, the intensity of the story compensates. In fact, the faint hearted may even feel the film is too long.

Can their love stand against a strong evil presence whose sole purpose is to destroy their happiness? The ending leaves you with a racing heart, goosebumps, and hairs on end.

Tshorwa – The Inner Call, by Project Bhutan and Hidden Heart Production is currently being screened at the Lugar theatre in Thimphu.

Thinley Zangmo