To effectively monitor the quality of infrastructures in the districts, Tsirang dzongkhag administration recently proposed the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) to form a quality control committee.

Officials say the quality of infrastructure in the dzongkhag today is poor.

They say subcontracting works, which are not allowed according to contract clause but is rampantly practiced, is difficult to trace.

Dzongkhag ICT officer, Tshering Dorji, made a presentation to the DT members.

He said although the dzongkhag administration has a monitoring committee, it is inadequate to effectively monitor the infrastructures. “A quality control committee is necessary in the municipality, at the gewog level and dzongkhag too.”

He said the quality control committee will not just save the government coffer but will enjoy the continuity of service. “A frequent maintenance budget would not be required.”

Low-quoted price in the contract, he said, leads to the construction of poor quality infrastructure. “There is also no awareness on social responsibility to the public. “People are too dependent on the government and there is no ownership of the infrastructures.”

Tsirang dzongdag, Pema, said that while the formation of a quality control committee is deemed important, the competency of the committee is questionable.

He said it is important to have experienced and competent members so that the committee could function well. “The issue needs a detailed discussion with relevant authorities,” he said.

The dzongdag said that it would be important to develop terms of reference for the functioning of the committee.

Local leaders in Tsirang said there are already numerous committees (tshogpas) in the gewog such as drinking water tshogpa, farm road tshogpa and irrigation water tshogpa and forming another committee would be a burden.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang