Sangay Tamang withdrew his candidature after being convicted in a battery case

Lhakpa Quendren  | Gelephu

National Council nominee from Tsholingkhar gewog in Tsirang, Sangay Tamang, apologised to his supporters and voters for withdrawing his candidature after the Dagana Dzongkhag Court convicted him in a battery case on March 16.

Eleven days after the gewog nominated him as their NC candidate, the 40-year-old from Tsholingkhar-Toed village, withdrew his candidature from the election on March 16.

Sangay Tamang said that it was “such an unfortunate day” not only for him but also for his supporters. “I am more worried about my supporters and voters than myself. I want to apologise for the disappointment I have caused.”

“I have been receiving many calls and text messages from my supporters enquiring about the withdrawal of my candidature. I have explained and clarified the unfortunate incident,” he said.

Since 2017, Sangay Tamang contested the elections four times—two times each in the local government and the NC elections.

“With my genuine interest in people and community issues, the people of my gewog have put their trust and faith in me to contest the elections,” he said, claiming that he gained huge supporters and has a high chance of winning this time.

Sangay Tamang won the nomination from Tsholingkhar gewog dhamngoi zomdu by 55 votes against his opponent Samten Zangmo who secured 260 votes.

Following the news about his conviction, a popular Facebook page ‘Tsirang Today’ posted, “He has even blocked the opportunity of a lone female NC aspirant from Tsirang, Samten Zangmo.”

Sangay Tamang said that it was never his intention to hurt others. “If I ever knew this would happen, I would have given up for my opponent. I want to apologise to Samten Zangmo and her supporters again.”

The case

Sangay Tamang and his father were handed a three-month prison sentence each in a battery case that occurred on March 8 in Dagapela, Gesarling gewog.

The Dagana Dzongkhag Court ordered both the convict and his father to pay thrimthue of Nu 11,250 each in lieu of their prison terms.

According to the judgment, the incident occurred when the convict along with his father visited his younger sister’s partner’s house in Dagapela after she absconded from home in Tsirang with her partner’s mother.

After reaching home, the convict battered the boy’s father while his father also threatened the victim with a knife, according to the judgment.

While the court asked Sangay Tamang to pay Nu 2,000 that the victim claimed for his medication, the court refused the claim of Nu 4,000 for the damage to the flowerpots.

Sangay Tamang said their intention was never to argue and cause problems. “They made us wait for about two hours on the road. Despite agreeing to send back my sister, the father refused to send her with us.”

He said the incident occurred when the boy’s father pulled back his sister when she was going back with them.

“Before leaving for Dagana, we called both my sister and her partner’s parents. They agreed to send back my sister because we wanted to follow the traditional marriage ceremony after the election period,” he said.