Tsirang’s 12 National Council (NC) candidates emphasised the importance of farming, resolving youth unemployment and strengthening democracy.

This was highlighted yesterday at the Patshaling gewog meeting hall during the common forum.

They also emphasised the need for every Bhutanese to remain cautious to maintain security and sovereignty of the country.

Gosarling gewog nominee, Hom Nath Thapa, said participation by both voters and candidates is equally important to strengthen and make democracy vibrant.

“If I am elected, I will review the central school policy to ensure community schools are not closed,” he said.

Tsirangtoed’s nominee, Dhan Kumar Sunwar, said if people elect him, he would work towards changing the employment criteria of the need to be experienced. “This is one of the main reasons for youth unemployment.”

The former gup candidate, Lok Nath Tiwari of Phuntenchu, said he understands the difficulties of a rural life as he has been a farmer. “I will work towards making farming easy.”

The lone female candidate, Kencho Wangmo, claimed her focus is towards women and children. “There are numerous laws protecting the rights of women and children but are rarely implemented. My top priority is to review the laws.”

Kilkhorthang’s nominee, Migma Dorji Lama, said he would push for a crop protection bill, which is the need of the hour to protect livelihoods of rural settlement.

Barshong nominee, Nado Rinchen, said he worked in the farm from a young age. “People’s vote and my voice should go hand in hand to make democracy vibrant. That is what will keep Gross National Happiness intact and that’s what I strive as NC candidate.”

The nominee from Rangthaling, Nim Karma Sherpa, said that his priority was to serve the people. “If people elect me, I would review laws on land, especially the land conversion.”

For the Mendrelgang nominee, Ramesh Chhetri Bhandari, understanding the hardship of rural life is his strength.

He said he can play a crucial role in identifying the problems in their lives and find solutions. He said he would reignite the love for farming.

Tsholingkhar’s nominee, Sangay Tamang, said he came across people who were still confused with the roles of a member of a political party and that of NC. “I had to clarify the roles.”

He said if people elect him, he would review laws and frame the ones that are most important for rural people.

Bringing in policy to take care of elderly citizens in the country is one of the priorities of Sergithang nominee Sonam Tobgay if he is elected.

He said he would streamline the vegetable marketing system in Tsirang with relevant laws.

Doonglagang’s nominee, Tara Bir Chuwan, said there was a need for such a leader who can exploit the opportunities for the maximum benefit of the people, especially in villages.

Having worked and interacted with the people for the last seven years in his village and all 12 gewogs, he said he was confident that he would contribute to the dzongkhag’s development.

Patshaling candidate, Tashi Norbu, said reviewing and changing legislation in accordance with time was necessary and he would work towards doing it should he be given the opportunity to serve as a member of the upper house.

Meanwhile, the common forum began in Tsirang on March 27 with Semjong gewog. Although the gewog did not have a nominee, 149 people turned up for the forum.

In Patshaling, 147 people attended the common forum campaign.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang