Rinchen Zangmo | Tsirang

Tsirang police forwarded the alleged molestation case involving the officiating principal of one of the primary schools to the head quarters in Thimphu. The RBP head quarters is expected to submit the case to the Office of Attorney General soon.

The 54-year-old man from Tsirang was arrested on November 7 after Tsirang police were informed of the molestation allegations involving about nine students of classes two and three.

He was charged of molesting the children through engaging in ‘bad touch’.

The officiating principal taught ‘Mathematics’ to classes two and three. He was appointed officiating principal on August 5 this year.

It was learnt that the police received a written complaint following which the dzongkhag’s child protection unit together with the police then conducted an investigation.

The court granted the bail of the officiating principal on December 2. The accused was released on the condition that he would present himself to court whenever required.

The officiating principal admitted to touching thighs, arms and pinching the students. “However, it was only ever done with good intent. I try to make everyone attentive in the class so that they can learn well. They are all like my grandchildren.”

He said that sometimes he even adjusted the student’s dresses. “Little children need push sometimes. I am always honest to my students.”

He claimed that if it was with bad intent, the children would have made complaints to their parents and the parents would have complained against him.

Meanwhile, police posted a clarification note yesterday, saying that the case was reported through the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) unit in the dzongkhag and not the teachers as claimed on social media.

The post also stated that the alleged relationship between the contract teacher and officer commanding of Tsirang Police was false.

The statement also requested the public to not make baseless allegations and those who engaged in forming allegations would be charged for misinforming the public and distorting facts.

It stated that the recorded confession of the officiating principal had been submitted to the court as evidence.