Chimi Dema | Tsirang

The regional and sector heads as well as local leaders in Tsirang will meet tomorrow to discuss the agenda for upcoming annual tshechu and distribute roles and responsibilities among them.

Despite Covid-19 fear, the preparation for the Tsirang tshechu is in full swing.

Tsirang’s senior Culture Officer Kelzang Jamtsho said that there was no plan to postpone or cancel the festival as of now. “The preparation is going on.”

The annual three-day tshechu is held from April 1 to 3. 

Tsirang Dzongdag Pema said that the tshechu would take place as scheduled like other religious activities such as kurim (cleansing ritual). “There was also no specific directive from the government,” he said.

But unlike in the previous years, he said there would be no business stalls or fair to keep the gathering as small as possible. This was in compliance with the order issued by the Home and Cultural Affairs ministry.

“A flu clinic would be set up near the tshechu venue,” he said.

Besides providing screening services, dzongkhag’s senior Health Officer Kinley said that the people would also be advised on maintaining good personal hygiene and other precautions.