Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

The Tsirang Thromde instituted 30-minute parking system. A year later, today, the tromde’s representative is requesting the Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) to do away with it.

Thromde Thuemi Dema Drukpa said that while the system helped reduce traffic congestion, it was damaging to vehicles.

The system introduced by the police and Road Safety and Transport Agency requires the vehicle owners to keep their parking lights switched on for 30 minutes after which traffic police ensure that they move out.

This, Dema Drukpa said, is not good for vehicles and requested the DT members to explore other measures to tackle the challenge of vehicle congestion.

Introducing parking fee system is one of the suggestions.

The motion, however, did not receive support from the DT members.

Mendrelgang’s mangmi, Tshering, said that  changing decisions in a short period was illogical. He instead recommended public awareness to achieve efficiency related to the parking problem.

In an earlier interview, Tsirang’s Superintendent of Police (SP), Colonel Gyem Tshering, said that with the increasing number of population in Damphu town, the number of vehicles had also increased, creating traffic congestion, resulting in the lack of parking space, and inconvenience to shoppers.

Some DT members said that the system could be reviewed once the new town development is completed.

There are mixed responses from system users.

A resident said that an alarm system could be installed to ensure strict compliance. “Currently, there is no strict monitoring.”

“You can’t even finish a coffee in 30 minutes. It is an unnecessary hassle,” another said.

The shopkeepers, however, said that the system was convenient.

The 30-minute parking system is implemented from 9am to 6pm during which time residents and business owners are allotted separate parking spaces within the town.