LG: Elected local government (LG) members of Tsirang were given salary for only eight days in October.

Gup Yeshi of Mendrelgang gewog said he was shocked at first when gups were provided salary for only eight days. He said the gups considered themselves elected from the day the results were officially declared.

He pointed out that the Local Government Members Entitlement Act of Bhutan 2015 says that a member shall be entitled to salary, allowances, benefits and other emoluments from the day on which the member is declared elected.

The Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) chairman, Phuentenchu Gup Shivalal said that the elected LG members had asked him to crosscheck with the dzongkhag finance section and he found out that the day of administering the Oath of Affirmation for the elected members was the day they were declared elected.

However, the secretary of the DT, Sonam Phuntsho said that there is no confusion since they adhered to a letter sent by the Department of Local Governance on September 12 this year.

In the letter, it is mentioned that the date on which the LG members are administered Oath of Affirmation of Office shall be the day on which the member is declared elected. The commencement of entitlements for the LG member will be the date on which the member is declared elected.

“The Oath of Affirmation by the LG members in Tsirang was taken on October 24 and I submitted the appointment order of the LG members to the accounts officer accordingly,” Sonam Phuntsho said.

Some LG members of Tsirang claim that LG members of Dagana were given full salary of the month of October.

The finance officer of Dagana, Dophu, said that the petition period of the elected LG members, the conferring of His Majesty The King’s dhar, and the Oath of Affirmation were all completed before October 15 and therefore they were given the full month’s salary as per financial rules and regulations.

Yeshey Dema | Tsirang