It will be submitted to the Cabinet next month

Labour: The labour ministry’s target to employ 90 percent of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates in the 11th Plan is well on track with the ministry achieving almost 80 percent target.

About 3,413 individuals were trained since 2012 but the imbalance in demand and supply has stifled the job market for the TVET graduates.

A TVET blueprint to articulate a long-term vision to guide and influence reforms and development in TVET over the next 15 years (2016 to 2030) will be submitted to the Cabinet next month. Work on the development blueprint began in May 2015.

During the mid-term review of the labour ministry last week, officials said that the blueprint will seek answers as to what actions are needed to maximize the impact of TVET graduates.

Consultation and coordination with stakeholders were conducted following an assessment and review of current TVET system. Surveys involving industries, individuals, government and non-government agencies were also conducted.

The concept paper of the blueprint states that an efficient TVET system can lead to development of various economic activities in the country through supply of skilled workforce and professionals and achieving government’s vision of achieving full employment.

Its states that entire skilled workforce will be recognized through the national certificates with different levels and are expected to be highly competitive and at par with international standards.

Issues like social and economic relevance, training effectiveness and job opportunities has surfaced, of late.

To improve the employability of TVET graduates, reforms like diversifying the TVET courses, strengthening training curricula and introducing diploma level programmes could take place.

A budget for training the instructors has also been proposed. A sustainable funding mechanism to support TVET was also deemed necessary.

During the MTR, it was also highlighted that the current stipend of Nu 1,500 the training are provided with was not sufficient. While increment of stipend was proposed, the Prime Minster asked the officials to study the situation. “They are basically students and all students are getting the same stipend,” he said. He however asked the official to put the matter to the Cabinet.

Human resource department’s Director, Kinley Wangdi said the Technical Training Institute in Thimphu, without boarding facilities, is not getting more students. He however said the government could explore the possibility of privatising it.

Tshering Dorji