BCSE: The Royal Civil Service Commission has cut down 12 slots from the initial 434 vacancies announced in the civil service.

While slots for all other categories remain unchanged, the slots were cut from technical category, which also had the highest allocation at 210. The MBBS slots were reduced to 33 from 35 after two candidates did not confirm for the main examination.

Another nine slots were slashed for the nursing graduates from initial announcement of 25. The 12th slot was slashed from physiotherapy. For all these three categories there are exactly equal number of candidates against the announced slots.

Although there were 3,647 graduates who registered for preliminary examination this year, 325 chose not to sit the main examination. Of that only 1,631 graduates made it through the prelims.

The number of slots for post-graduate diploma in education (PGDE) increased to 148, up by 12 slots from last year. Subject wise, there are 20 slots in Dzongkha for 49 candidates, 44 in Science, 49 in Arts, 15 in guidance and counseling, and 10 each in IT education and business studies.

While there are 148 slots for post-graduate diploma in education, only 134 candidates made through the prelims. In the post-graduate diploma in financial management category 330 graduates will compete for the 30 seats.

For the 36 seats in post-graduate diploma in public administration category, there are 425 graduates. Similarly 40 law graduates will compete for 10 slots.

Meanwhile, civil service main examination begins today.

Nirmala Pokhrel