Tsimasham police arrested two men for malicious mischief on the night of January 6. The men are in police custody.

The men, aged, 30 and 26, are from Tsimakha in Chukha and Zhemgang. They had scribbled “catch me if you can” on walls, threatened of dire consequences and cutting television cable lines for months.

One of the affected person’s relative, Nadu Dukpa, said that the suspects also used to switch off the MCB, feed the dogs meat, and wrote challenging and threatening messages on the walls.

A power chain was also used by the suspects who then ran away leaving the power chain. Petrol was also spilled on the ground.

“So we had complained to police,” he said. “Tsimasham police has worked hard to catch these culprits.”  

Nado Dukpa said that the police patrol team had arrested them in an ambush. Tsimasham police confirmed that the suspects could have been planning to steal.

“It is a malicious mischief with intent of harm,” he said.

“However, the case is still being investigated and we don’t have any concrete conclusions at the moment.”

Staff reporter