Drugs: Two Bhutanese men are in custody in Dathgari, India, for possession of 136 capsules of spasmo-proxyvon on April 13.

An 18-year old man from Thimphu is a jobless youth and a 25-year old man from Tashigang Khaling is a university graduate.

The duo had walked all the way from Gelephu to Dathgari and went to Ranikata in an Indian vehicle to get the controlled substance.  They were accompanied by an Indian friend from Shantipur.

With Royal Bhutan Police’s tip off, the border counterparts, raided Sun’s Medical Shop in Ranikata from where the two men bought the controlled substances.

The two men will be charged in Bonagaigoan court in Dathgari.

By Yeshey Dema, Gelephu