Yam Kumar Poudel 

To enhance medical knowledge, the Ministry of Health and Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) conducted a joint two-day Continuing Medical Education (CME) event at the Faculty of Traditional Medicine that ended on September 25.

Considering the existential menace of cancer in Bhutan, the theme for the event was ‘Technological advances in cancer with special reference to cervical cancer- a skill-based approach.’

Sowa Lyonpo highlighted the concerns on cervical cancer affecting the population of Bhutan and the remedies to control and eradicate it.

The event had been an important activity to share experiences and enhance knowledge between the medical fraternity of IMTRAT and MoH, Bhutan.

Ambassador of India to Bhutan, Sudhakar Dalela said that Indo-Bhutan cooperation has been a great approach in all spheres. “Bhutan’s initiative in the eradication of cervical cancer is commendable.”

The two days event was facilitated by 19 specialists and speakers from India, with around 130 participants.

The event was categorized into sub-sections such as childhood cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer and oral cancer.

The CME was launched in Thimphu in  2016.