Two detained for child molestation

Crime: Thimphu police has detained two men for molesting a nine-year-old girl on August 21.

The 67-year-old man is the girl’s stepfather while the 58-year-old man is a friend of the stepfather.

The stepfather’s friend said the girl was playing outside when he was on his way to the field that day. When she asked him for money, he said, he gave her Nu 15. Later, on his way home, he said, the girl was still outside playing. He gave her Nu 100 and asked her to come with him.

He said he did not force the girl to come with him. The girl first told her friend about the incident. Her friend informed their teacher, who then reported it to RENEW and later the police.

A medical examination found no sign of penetration and ruled out rape. The suspects also denied the rape allegation.

The case is under investigation and the men are charged for child molestation. The offence of child molestation is a fourth degree felony and imprisonment ranges from three years and above.

By Dechen Tshomo

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  1. chopel
    chopel says:

    I had a strong believe that INTELLIGENCE makes human not animals. We question the meaning and purpose of our existence. Being Buddhist, we further endeavour to end human suffering and that sets human apart from animals.

    In the recent limelight, my guts feeling says YES HUMAN TOO ARE ANIMAL AND THEY ARE EVEN WORSE THAN SO CALLED ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY CAN USE THEIR LITTLE INTELLIGENCE TO HURT THE WEAK FOR MERE FUN. The usual animals kills/hurt others to defend their herds or because they are carnivorous.

    It is a shame on us human and even worse as buddhist!

  2. amrithdiary
    amrithdiary says:

    Why no details about what the men did to the girl? a more comprehensive stories would be always appreciated in investigative journalism. If the men had tried to sexually molest the girl, they should be referred to mental hospital….

  3. logical
    logical says:

    “A medical examination found no sign of penetration and ruled out rape. The suspects also denied the rape allegation.”
    Why is that a problem to RENEW and the police? On what basis is the charge to be proved even half true, leaving behind “beyond reasonable doubt’?
    Folks, law should take action against ACTIONS that are offensive, not because there was some RUMOUR or there was possibility for such case to happen and someone described his/her imagination about it, making it appear as if it happened.

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