Accident: A 29-year-old driver and his assistant, 26, were found dead on November 9, inside the oil tank of the truck they were travelling.

Both the men were from Trashigang and were heading towards Phuentsholing after emptying the oil in Thimphu.

The tanker was found parked at the bend near Sorchen where a bypass road also lies.

Police and the medical team in Phuentsholing have ruled out any foul play. The duo had died due to excessively inhaling of petroleum gas.

Although police are still investigating the case, it has been learned from sources that the duo could have died after they were unable to climb out of the oil tank. The two empty jerry cans attached on the tanker’s inner walls, sources suggest the duo might have gone inside to get those cans.

As there was oil spilled on the oil tanker’s base inside, police and the medical team concluded the men died due to excessive inhalation of patrol gas.

Meanwhile, it was another driver who knew the deceased driver, who informed the police. After seeing the truck parked with doors open and mobile phone kept charged inside the truck, the driver then informed the DANTAK workers around.

Then the two men were discovered dead inside the tanker. They had burns and no other injuries.

The oil-tank truck was headed to Phuentsholing on the night of November 8. The driver had even informed his family that he was halting at Sorchen.

Bodies of the deceased were handed over to the family members.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing