Only one female candidate in more than 15 aspirants for mangmi and gup posts

Nima | Gelephu

The former gup and a former National Council candidate from Sarpang, Tshering Penjore, are contesting to become the gup from Jigmecholing gewog.

Kumar Gurung was nominated from Jigmecholing Khamaed chiwog and Tshering Penjor is a nominee from Jigmecholing Khatoed chiwog yesterday.

There were two aspiring gup candidates from Jigmecholing Khamed and three from Jigmecholing Khatoed chiwog. There were no aspiring candidates from four other chiwogs of Gongtsekha, Gongduegang, Choetenkhar, and Samkhar.

Both candidates hail from chiwogs that have the highest number of registered voters, with close to 400 voters each.

Kumar Gurung said that he decided to run for the post again to continue providing improved service to the people at the grassroots level. The aspiring candidate claimed that the changes in the gewog during his tenure were well received.

“People supported me in the last election and now they know that I have served them well. I understand the problems well and some villages need basic facilities like roads and electricity. I hope to continue serving to the best of my ability,” he said.  

He added that the gewog has progressed well in the past five years. “People expect me to continue bringing change in the gewog. There is a need to improve roads. A new hand in the gewog would take at least two years to understand the problems facing the people,” said Kumar Gurung.

Aspiring candidate from Khatoed, Tshering Penjor, is a familiar face in the election, having contested in the National Council election in 2018. The 33-year-old has the experience of working with civil society organisations and as a contract teacher.

He said that there was no difference in trying to represent people at the local government level and as a National Council representative.

“The majority of the people appreciated and supported the move. After all, the main purpose is to serve Tsawa-Sum. There are also people who remain unconvinced about the decision,” said Tshering Penjore.

He added that the gewog saw a good number of farm roads built in the past two terms, but the roads couldn’t be used by all vehicles.

“People expect the road to be pliable. Despite being the largest gewog in the dzongkhag, the roadblock at Ossey and Box Cutting is the main problem for the villagers. They are also expecting a Grade-I BHU in the gewog,” he said.

Tshering Penjor said that there were no severe drinking water and irrigation problems in the gewog, as the people tapped water from nearby streams. “However, people hope for a water flagship project,” he said.

Six aspiring candidates from Gongduegang, Samkhar, Khatoed, and Khamed chiwogs in Jigmecholing stood for nomination for the mangmi post during dhamngoi zomdu held over the past four days.

Only one female aspiring candidate stood for the post of mangmi from Samkhar chiwog in Jigmecholing during the nomination held in the chiwog yesterday.

Over 15 gup and mangmi candidates were nominated from three gewogs: Chudzom, Jigemcholing, and Taraythnag, during the dhamngoi zomdu that began on November 5 in the dzongkhag.

The majority of the candidates vying for the post of gup in the dhamngoi zomdu to date were male.

Meanwhile, in Taraythang gewog, three aspiring gup candidates were nominated from Dorjitse, Yoezergang, and Pemacholing chiwogs. There were no aspiring gup candidates from Woongchhilu and Tashicholing chiwogs.

Edited by Tshering Palden