About two graduates will compete for a job in the civil service this year.

Last year, the ratio was five graduates for every vacancy.

Of the 1,024 who passed the preliminary examination this year, 1,003 sat the main examination yesterday.

In July, Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) announced 494 vacancies in the civil service, four less than last year.

Of the total that sat the three-day main examination, 478 was for general category examination and 490 for technical category.

The general category consists of postgraduate diploma in public administration (PGDPA) and postgraduate diploma in financial management (PGDFM).

RCSC has announced 40 vacancies for PGDPA and 30 in PGDFM. RCSC allotted 141 vacancies for the postgraduate diploma in education category this year.

For 273 vacancies for medical and technical categories this year, there were 490 individuals.

Thirty-five sat Dzongkha category examination.

Ten vacancies were announced for the postgraduate diploma in national law category this year.

The main examination carries 70 percent of the total weightage. Ten percent is for the academic marks and 20 percent for viva voce.

Phurpa Lhamo