A massive search is on after two inmates escaped from Lungzor prison in Trashigang last week.

Although the details of the prison break is unknown, sources told Kuensel that the duo could have escaped using materials from the construction site inside the prison to aid their escape.

The two prisoners, Nim Dorji, 29, convicted for illicit trafficking of cannabis was wearing a black jacket and Dorji Gyeltshen, 25, convicted for burglary, was reportedly wearing an army camouflage pants when they escaped from the jail.

Following the jailbreak, a massive manhunt is currently underway in the nearby areas. Strict checking along the highway is also being conducted.

Yangnyer gup, Duptho, said that following the news of the escape, the gewog administration informed all the villagers to help police in their search for the two prisoners.

He said that along with the police, villagers who have volunteered to help are involved in searching the two inmates throughout the day.

“Although civilians cannot conduct a search like the police, we want to contribute in our own little ways,” said the gup. “We cannot afford to allow such escapees loiter around our villages. They could prove a threat to the community if left uncaught.”

Durung chiwog tshogpa, Ugyen Dorji, said that there are children in the village who could be harmed by the prisoners if they are not cautious. “Fearing this, we are constantly on the lookout for the two prisoners. We also conduct night patrol in all the possible areas where we can find them.”

Residents in the nearby villages of Yangnyer gewog are apprehensive of the situation, as they fear the inmates could possibly prove to be dangerous.

One of the residents, Tashi Wangdi, said that prisoners could come visit their houses as imposters and cause harm to them. “I’ve cautioned my wife and children to be extra careful with strangers until the prisoners are caught.”

A Trashigang resident who requested anonymity said that authority concerned should publish the pictures of the escapees through media outlets to inform the public. “How am I supposed to help catch the prisoner if I don’t know how they look like?”

He said that majority of the people in the region hitchhike for travelling. “This could prove dangerous for the driver and other people in the vehicle.”

 Younten Tshedup  | Trashigang