Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

Gup-elect Kinzang Minjur of Jarey will be serving his fourth term after winning the third election on December 22 with 607 votes. The former Dzongkhag Tshogdu Chairman won with a difference of 191 votes.

Thanking the people in his gewog, Kinzang Minjur said he re-contested at the behest of the people, as there were no other contestants from Artobi-Ngang-Ngae chiwog.  The other contestant, Kelzang Tshering from Ladrong Chiwog, got 416 votes.

Kinzang Minjur said he didn’t have any special pledge during the election. “The biggest responsibility would be accomplishing the remaining planned activities of the 12th Five-Year Plan and framing the 13th Five-Year Plan with proper involvement of communities,” he said.

Maedtsho Gewog also voted for the incumbent gup, Gembo. There were three candidates. Gembo received 481 votes, while other candidates, Chedrup Sonem Lhuendrup and Kelzang Tobgyel, managed 420 and 238 votes respectively.

Gembo said he was happy with the result, as it was a close call between him and Chedrup Sonem. He won by 61 votes.

In Gangzur Gewog, it was practically a one-horse race, as Tshewang Thinley won with a margin of 214 votes. Ugyen Tshering from Ney Chiwog came closest with 911 votes, while the third contestant, Sonam Gyeltshen managed only 309 votes.

Gup-elect Tshewang Thinley was the former mangmi and was confident about winning. “Looking at the support and trust from the people while serving as the mangmi for two terms, I was confident. I am happy that they have faith in me.”

Meanwhile in Minjey Gewog, Tshewang’s mangmi colleague Jigme Tenzin Zangpo is the new gup-elect.  With 132 more votes, voters chose the former mangmi over the former gup, Jigme Tshewang.

The gup-elect said he initially wanted to recontest for the mangmi post, but decided to contest for gup after people encouraged him. “I was confident of the result,” he said.

Khoma Gewog chose a new face. There were four contestants for the gup’s post, including the former gup. Tshering Wangdi won with a huge margin, 508 votes out of the total 1,448 votes cast.

Maenbi Gewog also went for a new gup in a teacher. Ngawang Dendrup won the election comfortably with 1,083 votes. The other candidate, Sonam Drugyel, managed 802 votes.

The former educator said he was worried before the result was declared because election results can be full of surprises.

“People really examine the details like your attitude, mentality, past experience, and then the pledges made during the common forum. I am glad they voted for me,” he said.

“I think it is the right platform to help the people after serving for 35 years as a Dzongkha teacher, principal, and in the research field.”

In north Lhuentse, Kurtoe elected Karpola as their new gup. Out of the three contestants, Karpola from Chagdzom-Chhusa Chiwog won 402 votes out of the total 1,084 votes cast.

In Tsaenkhar Gewog, it was a close call between Tashi Penjor and Sonam Loday. However, with 26 more votes, former civil servant Tashi Penjor became the new gup. He secured 735 votes to Sonam Loday’s 709. The third candidate, Sonam Tenzin got 511 votes.

“I will serve the community. I thank them for the trust in me,” said Tasi Penjor.

Meanwhile, Samten Jangchuk Singye was elected as the new thromde ngotshab.