Nima | Gelephu

Two students, who went missing in a forest last Wednesday, were found yesterday afternoon. They were located about three hours away from the Rai Dangra, a village located about 15 kilometres away from Gelephu.

The duo went missing after they took leave from their school in Gelephu to visit a waterfall in Samtenling gewog.

The boys were asked to stay in one place and build a fire to help the rescue team get to them after the boys called their parents. They were carrying mobile phones that helped rescue team locate them. The police started to search for the boys after their parents reported them missing on September 23.

Three different groups of search and rescue teams were deployed in the past four days to search for two missing boys studying in one of the schools in Gelephu. The teams were deployed at Samtenthang, Sheti lake, and Tshachhu areas.

A group of locals from Rai Dangra with police officials left in search of boys on Friday after parents received calls from the boys on Saturday. Another team of de-suups, police, and locals from the village went in search of boys the following day.

Locals from Rai Dangra said the boys could have left to visit the lake at the source of Shetikhari stream, a tributary of Mauchhu. Many people had gone missing in that area.

Edited  by Tshering Palden