Deprived of tshogpas for more than a year, Rinchending and Pekharzhing demkhongs in Phuentsholing thromde now have new tshogpas following elections conducted on April 18.

Rinchending chose  28-year-old Passang Norbu Tamang, a university graduate.

“I want to organise a meeting with the people of my demkhong and invite the thrompon,” the new tshogpa said.

Passing Norbu Tamang said he would like to understand and know the thromde’s plans and work accordingly.

“I have not said I will do this and that in the campaign,” he said, adding that his main intention is to work together with the public of his demkhong.

Passing Norbu Tamang won 23 votes and his opponent Tshering Wangdi,15 votes. Only 38 voters cast their votes out of the 96 eligible voters in Rinchending constituency.

Tshering Wangdi, a former tshogpa of Rinchending had contested in the 2016 elections and lost. It was his second time contesting for the post.

Meanwhile, in Pekharzhing, two women tshogpa candidates contested for the post. Former tshogpa Tirtha Maya Mongar, who lost in the 2016 thromde elections, obtained 66 votes over Sujata Tamang’s 31 votes.

Tirtha Maya Mongar, a class eight graduate had lost by two votes in 2016. As a lone candidate then, she garnered 64 “no” votes against 62 “yes” votes.

“We have put up many plans in the last five years,” she said, adding that another five years would be an opportunity for her to fulfil the plans.

Pekharzhing tshogpa said there are three major problems she would like to address – drinking water problems and the need for a Basic Health Unit (BHU), and a primary school.

In the gewog by-election of Chukha, Kinlay, the lone tshopga candidate for Dlibkha-Lamjokha demkhong under Geling gewog won 46 “Yes” votes and five “No” votes.

Kinlay, 34, said he can’t say anything at the moment. “I am happy the people chose me and I will fulfil my responsibilities,” he said.

However, Getena’s Darga-Tshebji demkhong in Chukha and Phuentsholing Maed in Phuentsholing thromde are still without tshogpa.

Rajesh Rai | Chukha