Thimphu police have arrested four men suspected of stealing mobile phones from the monastery where funeral rituals are conducted near the crematorium in Hejo.

Police said they had received complaints about mobile phones being stolen from the Mithrug lhakhang.

“On the night of April 8, people staying overnight caught a 24-year-old man attempting to steal from the small room they were staying in,” a police official said.

The alleged thief was identified as a security guard working for Jachung Security Services.

It was learnt that when the two men who stayed in the small room to conduct funeral rites of their relative felt someone stealing money from a purse, they chased the man. “The man was caught when he fell down,” a source at the Mithrug lhakhang said.

Police officials said they found the 24-year-old man was operating with a group when they interrogated him. Police then arrested a 32-year-old man who was also working with Jachung Security Services and two minors.

The minors, aged 16 and 17, were unemployed.  

Police say that they recovered two stolen mobile phones from the house of one of the suspects. 

Staff Reporter