Crime:The Mongar dzongkhag court on July 7 sentenced two men to 13 months prison term each in connection with illegal possession of controlled substances.

One of the convicts, Ugyenla, 39, was caught in a bus between Mongar and Trashigang with 57 rolls of cannabis.  After questioning Ugyenla, police then arrested a 65-year-old cow herder in Tsaburi, Tshering Peljor. Tsaburi is between Yadi and Chaskar in Mongar.

Ugyenla was the consumer of the cannabis while Tshering Peljor was the supplier. Ugyenla was caught on his way back from Tsaburi after purchasing the illegal substance.

According to the verdict, Ugyenla paid Nu 2,000 for the product. The court also learnt that Ugyenla paid Nu 1,000 for the same product to Tshering Peljor in the past.

Mongar police said Tshering Peljor sold the cannabis for Nu 300 a roll.

The court sentenced them for violating the Penal Code of Bhutan’s section 500, which states that a defendant shall be guilty of the offence of possession of a controlled substance, if the defendant possess or use any psychotropic substance or narcotic drug without the prescription of a registered doctor.