Crime: Gelephu dungkhag court has sentenced two men to five years in prison in connection with illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotrophic substances.

Sagar Rai, 30 from Chargari, Samtse who is living with his wife in Gelephu was arrested by Gelephu police on September 20. Police seized 118 capsules of spasmo proxyvon, a banned substance in.

According to the verdict, Sagar Rai have brought controlled substances from Dathgari border town.

Tshering Dorji 24, from Kangpara, Trashigang who drives a taxi in Gelephu was arrested with 59 capsules of spasmo proxyvon on September 21. He confessed to have brought the controlled substances from the border town of Dathgari.

According to the verdict that was passed on November 5, Sagar Rai and Tshering Dorji were sentenced in accordance with the Narcotic Drugs, Psychotrophic Substances and Substance Abuse Act. Section 141, 1 of the Act spells that a felony of third degree will be imposed if the quantity is equal to or more than two times the quantity determined in schedule VII (10 pieces in case of tablets and capsules) of the act.

The sentence term of third degree felony is a minimum of five years and a maximum of nine years.

Meanwhile, a Vishal Pradhan from Dunglagang in Tsirang was made to undergo compulsory treatment and rehabilitation. He was found consuming drugs when police suspected him to be dealing with drugs in Gelephu.

Yeshey Dema, Tsirang