BNCA: About 120 Sherubtse graduates uprooted more than two trucks of marijuana in Babesa yesterday.

A group, SHEECOS of Sherubtse organized the campaign in collaboration with Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (BNCA) and Royal Bhutan Police.

A coordinator, Kezang Dawa said that the activity is not a new idea. The group has organised such campaign back in college.

“I grew up in Thimphu and lives in Babesa. I see the plant growing plenty in the area so I talked with my friends and came up with the programme,” he said.

Royal Bhutan Police and Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (BNCA) officials helped and monitored the activity. BNCA’s deputy chief programme officer Dorji Tshering said that there have been cases where participants misuse the activity when such operations are carried out.

“We will make sure that all participants wash their hands in our presence after the activity,” said Dorji Tshering. “Police officials will be present when the plant is being disposed.”

The graduates uprooted the marijuana plants so that people are aware of the harmful plant that is growing near their houses and reduce the use of marijuana among the youths.

The group wants to organise the same in different locations but getting fund is a difficult task, said Kezang Dawa.  The group managed to get financial help from the thromde and BNCA after visiting many organisations for more than two weeks.

Thimphu thromde provided the vehicles for disposing the plants and will help in printing certificates of appreciation for the participants.

We want youths using marijuana to understand that what we are doing is for their good, said Kezang Dawa.

Dechen Tshomo