Mongar dzongkhag court convicted two women from Drepung for computer pornography after they took nude photographs of their friend’s and circulated it on WeChat.

The incident happened on April 13 this year when the two women, Pelmo and Chimi Lhaden, took a picture of their friend while she was drunk and sleeping.

The court sentenced defendant Pelmo to a year in prison for taking the picture and circulating it on WeChat.

The judgment stated that since she was detained for 14 days after her arrest on May 14, she could pay Nu 43,250 in lieu of the 11 months and 16 days imprisonment.

Defendant Chimi Lhaden was sentenced to six months in prison for instructing Pelmo to photograph their friend.

Since she also stayed 14 days under detention, she could pay Nu 20,750 in lieu of the five months and 16 days imprisonment.

The judgment stated that the two women violated section 476 (A) of the Bhutan Penal Code 2004, which states, “A defendant shall be guilty of the offence of computer pornography if the defendant publishes and distributes an obscene photography or picture on the computer or over the internet.

The crime is graded a misdemeanour.

The judgment stated that although the Penal Code and other laws do not specify what obscene is, the word is understood as an act that results in a shameful act in general Dzongkha.

“Showing of buttocks is considered unacceptable and embarrassing in remote villages,” it stated. “The defendants have circulated the photo through WeChat to people the victim has to deal with every day, including family members and friends.”

The court also ordered the two defendants to pay Nu 3,750 to the victim. “This should serve as a deterrence to avoid such activity.”

Staff reporter