Exhibition: The Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition will be held at Ugyen Pelri Palace in Paro yet again from June 4 to 8 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen.

The first Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition was held in April last year upon the Royal Command of His Majesty The King as a landmark community event to promote and inspire appreciation for beautiful spaces, foster community vitality, and to encourage the growth of a vibrant entrepreneurship in floriculture across the nation.

The exhibition this year will be held on an 18-acre area and will include world-renowned bonsai experts. The thematic gardens will be prepared by participants including the armed forces, National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Natural Resources Development Corporation, private florists and representatives from Japan and Thailand.

The gardens will display Bhutan’s rich indigenous plants and herbs, as well as a large variety of ornamental flowers and vegetables from around the world. Seeds, seedlings, gardening tools, cut flowers and souvenirs will be available for purchase. Experts will provide useful information and share gardening tips.

An open talk series “Innovations in Green Urban Planning and Landscaping” will be held alongside exhibition where experts and plant enthusiasts will share their experiences and expertise. Among the speakers will be His Serene Highness Prince Bhisatej Rajani of Thailand, and Bonsai Master Masashi Hirao of Japan.

The collection of wonderful models of dzongs and monasteries from around Bhutan, which were a huge success with visitors last year, has been expanded to include several more of Bhutan’s iconic structures.

Staff Reporter