Chencho Dema | Punakha

A 27-month-old girl survived after her uncle allegedly threw her off a three-storey building on February 22 at Khuruthang, Punakha.

The baby’s father reported the event to the Punakha police, and the 40-year-old uncle, who lives with the family and is reportedly mentally unstable, is currently being detained.

The toddler survived with a broken left leg, but no internal injuries according to sources.

The baby has been referred to JDWNR hospital, where surgery is scheduled for her, according to the police.

The baby could have died on the spot had she fallen directly to the ground when she was hurled out of the building; instead, she first hit the CGI sheet roof before falling to the ground.

The victim’s mother, uncle, and grandmother were at home at the time of the incident. The victim’s father was at Lobesa for work.

The infant was thrown out of the building, but the mother and grandmother were unaware of it until a passerby noticed the baby and informed the family.

The mother of the suspect lives with him to take care of him.

When the suspect was employed at a construction site in Punakha’s Goenshari gewog, he was previously reported missing.

According to reports, the man left the area unnoticed. Later, after a thorough search, he was discovered alone and sleeping in the forest.