LG: The battle between uncle and nephew for the post of Dagana thromde ngotshab ended in a draw.

From a total of 44 eligible voters, 35 turned out on September 7.

Both the candidates secured 18 votes each.

Passang Wangdi, who served as a thromde thuemi for the last five years, said that this year’s election result was confusing.

“My result on Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) TV was 18 and my nephew’s was 17 and the postal ballot was not included,” he said. He added that it was not mentioned who had won.

He pointed out that election results should be declared so that the people receive correct information.

“People were congratulating me for winning after watching BBS,” he said. “But I had to clarify to them that I and my nephew got the equal number of votes.”

Passang Wangdi, said that in the last five years he got enough experience and if re-elected he would be able to carry out his responsibilities even better.

Jigme Dorji, a university graduate, runs      a business in Daga throm.

Jigme Dorji said that he contested to give the people a choice.

“In the last five years in Daga throm, not much was brought in to improve the throm,” he said. “I decided to contest for the post of thromde ngotshab to bring development,” he said.

Jigme Dorji, 34, said that if he is elected he will focus on blacktopping the road in the town, building a water reserve tank for houses located above the road, and to connect the town’s main road to the highway.

However, the election officer said that they are yet to get a confirmed date for a re-election.

Yeshey Dema | Dagana