Neten Dorji | Trashigang

The smart lockdown relaxation in Trashigang started from 6 am today.

The phase one of unlocking is for a period of one week starting from today.

Until yesterday, a member from each household was allowed movement using movement cards in respective zones for specific time. Starting today until January 12, people will be allowed to move without movement cards within the dzongkhag.

The movement of vehicles will not be allowed, except for utility and emergency vehicles.

From today, all kinds of business such as grocery, bakery and garment shop, hardware shop, restaurants and automobile workshops will be allowed to operate from 8 am to 6pm.

However, only 50 percent of restaurants are allowed to operate.

Only 20 people will be allowed for cremation services and no mass gathering (more than six) will be allowed.

“With prior approval from the dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce, the annual rituals like lochoes and rimdro will be allowed if choeps are from within the gewogs,” said Trashigang Dzongdag Chekey Geyeltshen.

He said that the unlocking phases were initiated in consultation with eastern region task force in Samdrupjongkhar and dzongkhag task force members.

All construction works not requiring traveling beyond the dzongkhag will be allowed and inter dzongkhag movement will be allowed in emergency cases.

Taskforce members said the routine stranded travellers would be allowed to travel with an antigen test. “All antigen facilities for routine stranded travellers will be available at flue clinic,” Chekey Geyeltshen said. Travellers can register with the control room at 1198.

In Trashiyangtse, as per the protocol of national Covid-19 taskforce and eastern Covid-19 taskforce, the dzongkhag began the unlocking activities in the early hours of morning.

Trashiyangtse Dzongdag Thuji Tshering said that except for entertainment hubs like snooker, karaoke and sports activities, all kinds of business were allowed to open.  “Business are not allowed to open beyond 9 pm,” he said. Only 50 percent of restaurants are allowed to open.

He said that the security personnel and dzongkhag taskforce team would monitor the situation.

Financial institutes are allowed to open with 50 percent of staff. However, schools, dzongkhag and other regional offices will remain closed.

Emergency services at the hospital would be provided for 24 hours and people with any flu-like symptoms are encouraged to visit the nearest flu clinic.

Meanwhile, the people arriving from Thimphu and Paro will be home quarantined for seven days, followed by an antigen test. “Non-adherence to the Covid-19 protocol will be dealt as per the Penal Code of Bhutan,” the notification states.