Thinley Namgay 

While many youth spend their time online, few use the online platform to pursue their interest and passion.

A 24-year-old student, Tshering Gyeltshen, uses his online platform to learn how to make music videos and then upload his product online.

He is popularly known to many youth as Tshering Monpa Gyeltshen. “I was given the name Monpa because I liked a flute song from Tawang.”

He said many youth are interested to feature in music videos but do not know how. “I give them the opportunity.”

Tshering also composes songs, acts in movies, writes novels and takes photographs. “I start my day with a pen and book to jot down my thoughts to translate it to a song or a story.”

He said he has been doing that for the last three years and composed more than 30 songs on love, life and tributes. He sang six songs. “I am exploring to compose songs for films.”

His songs are popular on Facebook and YouTube. “Sometimes I post the lyrics on Facebook too,” Tshering said. “Jowai Lam is my favourite, as it is based on my life story. Many people also liked the song and it encouraged me to work harder.”

He lost both his parents.

According to Tshering Gyeltshen, one must be passionate, good in language and choose the right words to compose a song. “Sometimes, I compose songs based on the request, but I don’t charge any money.”

His main challenge today is lack of equipment for filming.

Tshering’s Dzongkha novel, ‘Tonglor Wangmo’ is yet to published.

He will be joining the College of Language and Cultural Studies in Trongsa to pursue Bachelors of Arts in Dzongkha and Cultural Studies. “I want to improve my Dzongkha so that I can compose better songs and also be able to write movie scripts.”

Tshering said youth should follow their dreams. “I engage youth meaningfully in my videos.”

Edited by Tashi Dema