In an effort to make Mathematics more easy among students in schools, Sherubtse College in Kanglung is conducting a three-day training on the use of mathematics software.

Fourteen maths teachers from six central schools from Mongar, Trashigang and Pemagatshel are attending the training organised by the college’s faculty of maths and computer science department.

The software, Maple 2016.2, which is being used for the first time is expected to ease the teaching process for teachers in classes 11 and 12.

The department’s head, R Balamurugan, said that almost 99 percent of concepts included in class 12 Mathematics could be taught using the software.

He said that going by the past trends, Mathematics is considered to be one of the toughest subjects for most students in schools. “With teachers equipped to use the software, we expect the subject understanding of the students to improve now.”

He said that students fail to comprehend most of the concepts in mathematics, as they are restricted only to traditional classroom teaching practices. “Normally, in algebra, students are asked to solve certain equations and generate a graph of the curve produced.”

R Balamurugan said with the help of graphical representation including animation and 3D representation of the concepts, students can visualise the problems as they solve them. “Students can play with different parameters and accordingly see different curves produced. When they see the different shapes being formed with the change in parameters, they can comprehend the subject better.”

A maths teacher of Jigme Sherubling Central School, Kinzang Namgyal, said that the reason why students feel maths is a difficult subject is that they fail to understand the concepts. “Without resources to explore the concepts further, students have to grasp the concepts through traditional teaching methods. This is the biggest challenge today in understanding maths.”

He said that allowing students to explore the subjects through means of information and technology (IT) will have lasting results. “When students can see what they are learning visually, they will understand better.”

Another teacher from Rangjung Central School, Ugyen Lhamo, said that since there is no direct application of Mathematics, it becomes difficult for students to understand the subject further. “When we plot a graph today, it is based on calculations on boards and paper. But with the help of the software, students will be able to see the graph in 3D.”

She said the software will not only help students understand better but also ease the whole teaching process.

Meanwhile, Sherubtse College will be giving out two-licenced software each to all the participating schools. The college procured 30 licenses at the cost of Nu 490,000.

Younten Tshedup | Trashigang