Employment: The number of vacancies in the civil service has increased by 76 this year as compared to 2015 as per the vacancy announced by Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC).

As usual, the medical and technical categories are still allocated the highest number of vacancies with 282 slots in fields including engineering, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery  (MBBS), and agriculture, forestry and livestock. The number of vacancies in medical and technical category increased for the second consecutive year after it increased to around 210 last year.

But despite the country reeling under a shortage of teachers in schools, the number of vacancies for Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) has been reduced to 140 from 148 in 2015. The number of vacancies for postgraduate diploma in financial management, public administration and national law has remained unchanged with the availability of 76 vacancies.

Among the technical category, 158 are allotted for medical backgrounds such as doctors, nurses, traditional medicine and dental surgery, among others. While 72 vacancies went for technical graduates like architecture, civil engineering, geology, urban planners and information technology, 52 of the vacancies are appropriated for agriculture, forestry and veterinary science and animal health.

This year the intake of doctors has also increased to 54 from just 35 in 2015. This year the civil service will be taking 21 more doctors than last year.

Among other medical fields, nursing and dental will also be taking in 31 and 16 graduates respectively.

In the technical category, civil engineering is allotted the highest number of 32 vacancies and 12 for information technology. Among the technical graduates, statistics, environment science, forensics and operation theatre technology have only one vacancy each.

Though 140 vacancies were announced in PGDE, business studies has only two vacancies, one in accountancy and another in commerce. Of the remaining 138 vacancies, 49 are allotted for arts including English, history and geography while 38 are appropriated to science subjects like chemistry, maths, physics and biology.

Ten of the teaching slots have also been allocated for IT. To meet the shortage of Dzongkha teachers, the civil service has allotted 20 vacancies for Dzongkha. This time, perhaps in purview of an increasing youth-related problems, the commission has also allotted 21 seats for guidance and counselling.

With 30 slots available in financial management, 36 for public administration and 10 for national law, the vacancy for these fields have remained the same as last year.

Meanwhile, the RCSC also announced recently that the MBBS, and those with specialisation in comprehensive medicine and ophthalmology are exempted from the preliminary examinations. These graduates can report for verification and confirmation of their candidates for the main examination, which is slated for September 30.

The preliminary exams for other graduates with begin on August 7.

Tempa Wangdi