Doongchilo-Khonmari Demkhong in Dechheling Gewog in Pemagatshel remained without tshogpas after the second local government election last year because there wasn’t anyone from the Demkhong with functional literacy certificate.

For the upcoming election, though, the demkhong has three eligible candidates vying for the tshogpa post, including a female candidate. The candidates are Choni Dorji, a former monk, Sonam Choden, a former teacher, and Thinlay Tenpa, who are a former police.

Election is scheduled for tomorrow.

The other two demkhongs without tshogpa are Woongborang Chiwog in Dungmaed Gewog and Namdaling Chiwog in Dechheling Gewog.

Tashi Dorji, who vied for the post of mangmi in the second local government election last year and lost, will contest this time for the post of tshogpa for Woongborang.

Rinchen Tenpa, a lone candidate, is standing for the post of tshogpa in Namdaling demkhong.

There are total of 704 registered voters in three demkhongs. Of 15 postal ballots received, election officer said that two were rejected, as the applicants were not registered for postal ballot.

Mindup, a farmer, said that without tshogpa it has been difficult to take part in gewog tshogde to discuss gewog development grants and developmental activities. “If we’ve a tshogpa, we can raise issues through tshogpa to the gup. Sometimes we don’t even know what is happening in the gewog without a tshogpa to inform us.”

Election commission has announced April 18 as the poll day for the 60 in 19 dzongkhags and bye-election for the post of tshogpa in Dozotoen Chiwog in Soe gewog in Thimphu.

Yangchen C Rinzin | Samdrupjongkhar